Disputes take time, cost money and cause stress.

They are a distraction from the smooth-running of your business. The major downside when disputes end in litigation is the cost. Recent changes in the law and forthcoming proposals make it even less attractive, as the Court rules restrict the recovery of costs even for a successful litigant.

This is where we can improve your position. Dispute resolution is not just about the law. Leverage, timing and use of the Court Rules are all part of the tools available to maximise your return and the final result.

The current trend is towards mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Case management by the court often demands that the parties go through mediation – or it can be a voluntary step towards getting agreement.

ADR is about achieving a resolution rather than pursuing the legal route.  If a litigant unreasonably refuses to mediate, the court may impose costs.

We provide not only legal advice, but practical and tactical guidance in these areas to conclude the matter to your satisfaction or to protect your financial liability in relation to costs.

We focus on commercial disputes. We do engage in non-commercial disputes and but specifically we do not cover personal injury, clinical negligence or family work, consumer problems or criminal matters except civil fraud.

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