Intellectual Property

Protect your business information

  • Trade Marks, Copyright, Design Rights
  • Assignments and Licences
  • Registration of Marks Logos and Designs
  • Confidential Information
  • Passing off
  • Restrictive Covenants

Every business owns Intellectual Property Rights. The extent and value will depend upon the nature of the business and the length of time the business has been trading:

  • Franchises have a brand that their franchisees have rights to use
  • Manufacturing businesses may have secret processes or inventions.
  • A recruitment agency will have a bank of candidates.
  • A local baker may have established its identity and goodwill over many years of trading, which may comprise virtually the entire value of the business.

Many businesses do not appreciate that these are valuable assets. Like any other, they can be promoted for the benefit of the business – but also abused and exploited (the usual word is ‘infringed’). A business’s reputation can be damaged by association with another name or brand – even if they have no actual connection.

Social media now plays an enormous part of business promotion. A major consideration is whether anyone else is using the same brand or logo.

If a member of your staff creates a document or designs an advertisement, who owns the rights in it and if they leave, can they take those rights with them?

You must both know your rights and ensure you protect them. The survival of the business and its value on exit may depend upon it.

We cover both non-contentious and contentious work in relation to intellectual property. To find out more please telephone or complete the enquiry form.