A Fair and Equitable Workplace

  • Employment and Service Contracts and Staff Handbooks
  • Family Friendly Legislation
  • Discrimination and Redundancy
  • Unfair and Wrongful Dismissal

People can make or break a business. Staff costs are often the biggest outlay, but also the medium for the success of the business.  They create the client’s experience of your business. They may have access to a wealth of information, trade secrets, customer information and price sensitive data.

It is vital that the contractual arrangements between a business and its staff, whether employees, workers or contractors, protect the business (both during the contract and after it ends).  As an employer you need to satisfy the law regarding workers’ rights and provide a workplace where they perform well and feel valued.

If the relationship breaks down the dispute is best addressed quickly – litigation involves time and cost and may impact not just on profit and productivity, but also on reputation – the business and individual employees.

You can rely on our years of experience in drafting contracts of employment, dealing with employment disputes (we act for employers and employee). If you want to protect your company, your workplace and your employees please telephone or complete the enquiry form.